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gotdotnet automation error

Červen 22nd, 2006 · Zatím nejsou komentáře · Programování

When you try to open gotdotnet source control, you can see error message like this:
name: Error
number: -2146827858
description: Class doesn’t support automation.
message: Class doesn’t support automation.

This is probably only when your local settings is not English(United states) As I’ve Czech one.

After some research, I’ve found way how to get it working. I’m not sure if all of these steps are required, but these worked for me, so I’m writing all of them

1) First you need to uninstall all clients etc
2) then change ALL local settings to english (united states) – through control panel.
2) restart whole computer
3) go to directory C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Local Settings\application data\assembly and delete whole content
4) run internet explorer, clear cache and cookies
5) close and re-open internet explorer
6) make sure you’ve gotdotnet in your trusted servers list
7) go to gotdotnet.com and to source control, you’ll be asked to install a client (I didn’t seen this page when I had czech local settings)
8) install client for your version of framework
9) after restart of internet explorer, make sure it’s not maximized and move it to some corner, then go again to source control
10) here it’ll open dialog asking for directory which should be used – it’s modal, but in my case it was under the current explorer, so I wasn’t able to see it and explorer seems to be frozen, but when you’ve explorer window small and somewhere else than center of screen, you’ll be able to see the modal dialog
whoala – it works

At least first tab (local settings) has to be set to English (united states) to work properly.

I had this problem with local settings before on my own project, usually problem is in delimiters, because „,“ can have meaning of decimal point in some languages – as in czech one. And there are some more delimiters which can cause problem.

Hope they’ll fix this ASAP as I don’t want to have local currency in USD, time in US format etc.


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